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Should I Buy Glasses from My Optometrist?

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Dr. Barber & Dr. Choksi outside of the main doors at CHROMA modern in Fort Worth.

When it comes to purchasing eyeglasses, you may find yourself faced with numerous options ranging from online retailers to big box stores. However, there’s one compelling question: should you buy glasses from an optometrist?

Buying eyeglasses from an optometrist is one of the best ways to buy yourself peace of mind. 

By buying your glasses from CHROMA modern Eyewear Eyecare, you’re gaining access to our years of experience, customer service, and expertise in optometric health, which can give you the peace of mind you deserve.


One significant advantage of purchasing your glasses from CHROMA is the convenience offered. Imagine having one place to address all of your vision-related needs. You can receive a comprehensive eye exam and have your optical health tested by our experienced professionals. You can also explore our wide selection of frames and lenses in-store or online.

All of this in a single location offers a convenient way to navigate purchasing a new pair of glasses from start to finish. You won’t have to visit different providers or navigate through multiple websites online—getting eyeglasses from an optometrist means you can have a streamlined, simple process for an easy purchase.

At CHROMA modern Eyewear Eyecare, we also offer the option to text, call, or even schedule online—this level of convenience can help make the process much easier to navigate.

Quality & Precision

When it comes to your vision, quality and precision are essential. Eye doctors can understand your unique needs and have the tools and knowledge to meet them. The doctors at CHROMA offer access to high-quality brands prioritizing comfort and style. Our lenses are precisely measured to help you get unique glasses tailored to your eyes.

Rather than a bulk selection of similar styles, we offer unique combinations of frames and lenses that can help treat your vision needs. 

Your vision is an essential part of your day-to-day life, so it’s important that your glasses give you vision protection. An optometrist can get your precise measurements to provide you with a pair of glasses that can help you see clearly.

The glasses area inside the CHROMA modern clinic in Fort Worth.

Financial Assistance

Navigating the financial aspect of purchasing glasses can be daunting, especially when you’re using insurance or work benefits. The paperwork can seem overwhelming, or you may not fully understand what financial support you have. 

The experienced staff at CHROMA excel in helping you navigate this process. We’re well-versed in working with insurance providers, managing the associated paperwork, and maximizing your work benefits. We can help guide you through the intricacies of your insurance coverage and available benefits.

With access to this expertise, purchasing eyeglasses from an optometrist becomes beneficial in all kinds of ways. This allows you to make an informed decision about your eyewear while minimizing the stress of navigating the financial side of it.

Peace of Mind

Choosing to buy your glasses from CHROMA provides one benefit that’s often overlooked: peace of mind. Our eye care team here offers many different options to help alleviate any worries you may have by providing:

  • Post-purchase support, including refittings, adjustments, and cleanings
  • Warranty information in case your glasses are damaged
  • Assistance through the process by helping you navigate the financial and exam processes
  • Explaining the process of testing your vision, simplifying any vision conditions, and helping you understand how to maintain your eye health
  • Customer service to help you feel better about the entire process, alongside the ability to answer questions you may have

Expert Opinions

When it comes to making decisions about your visual health, the expertise of the doctors at CHROMA is invaluable. Our team is made up of highly educated professionals with years of experience studying the complexity that is the human eye. This means that from the initial exam to the end stage of the purchase, you can trust you’re receiving a high level of support and guidance.

By relying on the expertise of the doctors here at CHROMA, you gain access to the numerous advantages an eye care professional offers. From the convenience of having your visual needs addressed all in one place to access to expert opinions and financial assistance, you can be confident and have peace of mind purchasing your glasses.

The Doctors and knowledgeable staff at CHROMA can help navigate you through the process to make the entire journey easier. And in today’s digital age, it’s never been easier to reach us — call, text, or visit our website to schedule an appointment today, and let us help you with your eyewear needs.

Dr. Matt Barber of CHROMA modern Eyewear Eyecare

Written by
Dr. Matt Barber

Dr. Matthew G. Barber began seeing patients at CHROMA in September of 2001. For over two decades, Dr. Barber has worked diligently to provide cutting-edge eye care to the people of Fort Worth and its surrounding areas while providing a warm and friendly environment for his patients. He wanted to give the community of Fort Worth something unique and special, and so CHROMA was born.

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