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The difficulty of seeing close-up objects is a natural but frustrating part of aging. 

You may notice yourself holding your phone or book farther away just so the text becomes clear. This is a sign of presbyopia.  

Vuity is the first and only eye drop to treat blurry near vision (presbyopia) in adults. Learn more about Vuity and if it’s the right option to treat your presbyopia.

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia occurs because our eyes change as we age. In fact, presbyopia comes from a Greek word meaning “old eye.” We gradually lose the ability to focus on images close up. 

The lens in your eye is responsible for focusing light on the retina. When you are young, the lens is flexible and changes shape to let you focus on objects both near and far away. As you get older, the lens gets more rigid and cannot change shape as easily. Focusing on something nearby becomes more difficult.

Presbyopia is something inescapable, but the good news is treatments exist. A comprehensive eye exam with your eye doctor can help determine the best course of action for your vision.

How Does Vuity Work?

Vuity is an FDA-approved eye drop to help treat presbyopia. The eye drops have an active ingredient, pilocarpine, that works by shrinking the size of your pupil and specific muscles in the eye contract to help you see close up. 

Use Vuity as directed by your eye doctor. One drop in each eye daily is enough to see the benefits but if multiple drops are recommended, administer them at least 5 minutes apart.

Remove contact lenses before using Vuity and wait at least 10 minutes before putting them back in. Wait at least 5 minutes before applying other medications or eye drops in or around the eye to allow Vuity to enter the eye fully.

See the Difference Vuity Can Make

Vuity could be the solution to say goodbye to your reading glasses. Talk to your eye doctor about the potential benefits of Vuity eye drops today.

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